The Night Vanishing

(Painter Mann Series #2)


Painter Mann is the world's best dead private investigator. As he'd tell you, he's also the only one so, technically, he's also the worst.


He's sworn to help other ghosts move on by revealing the name of their murders. Painter is now seeking the name of his own killer.


Instead, he gets wrapped up in a new case to discover what's happened to hundreds of missing ghosts in New Orleans.

He'll have to tangle with two-headed monsters, a psychotic dead DJ, enemies with supernatural powers, and the mysterious Voodoo Cher.

And the Ghost Wranglers, a popular cable TV show determined to prove the existence of the ghost PI known as Painter Mann.

There were new characters in this one I just loved... The plot of this one is very intriguing, as well, and then the end just blew me away.

PenKay, Vine Voice Amazon Reviewer


The entire book is a fairly high octane trippy carnival ride from start to finish. I liked Painter's integrity and sarcasm (he's a smart*ss in the Harry Dresden mold)... Fun and interesting series, weird and cool.

Annie, GoodReads Reviewer

BOOKS BY DICK WYBROW... a very fine thriller author


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